"...after all those years of telling doctors that there was something going on in my left ear, Ear-Clear found and removed the culprit. After 4 or 5 refills using the Master Blaster for the first time in my left ear, not only did a serious clump of wax get expelled, but also a 'twig' about an inch long (see picture). Must have been in my ear for 15 years!"  Tony F.

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"I use the Ear Clear several times a month. I used to have to go to the doctor every few months to get my ear wax removed. The doctor uses a low volume/high pressure device that causes quite a bit of discomfort and even pain, and doesn't work very well. The Ear Clear uses high volume/low pressure warm water so there is absolutely no discomfort or pain. I have had no problems with ear wax since I have been using it." Jay H.

"I build up hard wax fast and was going to the Dr. every two months. I would put drops in both ears two days in advance to make it easier for both of us. What a pain. Now a couple of syringe fills and I saw lumps of wax at my feet." Frank H.

"I've had problems with earwax build up in the past. But no more, thanks to your product. No more going to the doctor, only to have him tell me to use ear drops to soften the wax, and come back in a few days and he would clean them for me. Seriously, your product rocks!!!" Sylvia S.
"For several years...I had hearing problems caused by excessive wax build up. It severely affected everything I did. I compare my hearing during this period to using ear plugs while holding your hands over your ears at the same time. It was that bad. Sometimes, one ear could hear clearly while the other ear sounded muffled. As a result, I would compensate by turning my head suddenly to try and "catch" a sound which caused a slight strain in my neck. I tried every ear cleaning product on the market. NONE OF THEM WORKED. I bought the Master Blaster and I haven't had a problem since." Harold D.
"This device is brilliant! I have used the ear syringe and I am thrilled to bits with it! I have been having my ears syringed every 6 months for the past 10 years, because the wax builds up and I go deaf. It is fabulous to be in control and not have to depend on nurses to syringe my ears." Sally M.
"I couldn't wait to tell you how fantastic your product is. I hadn't been able to hear out of my right ear for about 3 weeks. I had gone to the doctor for a sinus infection and he said my ear was clogged with earwax and I would have to come back to have it removed. In the meantime, I found your website and ordered the Real McCoy. After using it 3 times in my right ear, several small pieces of earwax starting falling out. After about the 6th try, a large piece fell out and I could hear again!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your product really lives up to it's claims." Pam M.
"I could not hear in my left ear for about a week. The ear wax removal system I tried from the drugstore made it worse. So as soon as I got the Master Blaster, it worked on the first fill of water. A small lump of earwax came out of my ear that had been pushed further in my ear by eardrops. I could hear immediately. Thanks!" Anthony A.
"As I'm sure you expected to hear, I think your product is incredible! Yesterday, my left ear was fully clogged and I couldn't hear in it. I felt miserable and had to ask everyone "what" and "huh?" Today, I'm like a new person thanks to the Master Blaster. It cleared out my wax-clogged ears with ease! My ears are so clean and, best of all, I can hear again!!! Now, I know I will never have to experience the hearing loss and discomfort of "full" ears I felt this past week. Forget about those over-the-counter ear drops!!! Who are they for anyway?? Certainly not anyone with serious ear wax problems. Can't wait to tell my dad about this product. Thank you so much! It was really fantastic." Sonja M.
"What a relief, after being almost completely deaf in my right ear for several weeks, and partially deaf in my left ear, I purchased the Real McCoy and I de-waxed both ears and my hearing is now back to normal, much to the delight of my family and friends, they no longer have to repeat everything." Stan L.
"My wife ordered your device for me and I just want to let you know that it is remarkable! I have problems with my ear sometimes and using cotton swabs really doesn't do the job. After using it, I've been able to clean my ears more effectively and safely. I think it's the most effective ear cleaner available." R. B.
"I have been using this for several months now, and I have been very pleased with it. I have always had a problem with earwax, and my ears feel much cleaner after using it. I had become very dissatisfied with over-the-counter products such as rubber bulb syringes that never seemed to work for me. It is very easy to use, and I would recommend it to anyone with an earwax problem." Joyce S.
"Hi, because I am hard of hearing I wear hearing aids in both ears. Due to the wax buildup in my ears the effect of the hearing aids is greatly diminished. I have obtained various ear wax removal systems with a soft bulb ear syringe such as (one of the common name brands) from the local pharmacy. The results were not satisfactory. It was not until I found your syringe on the www that I could satisfactorily remove the ear wax. I thank you for this product." George S.
"Prior to getting the Master Blaster, I had been frustrated, going to the local drug stores and purchasing something to flush my ears, that would work, and each time failing with their little bulb type syringes. Then, I would inevitably have to go to the ear doctor for an hour of waiting, and a bill of $110.00 with ten seconds of actual using a proper ear syringe. When my husband asked what type of device my doctor used, I told him and since we were unable to find this at the local stores, we looked immediately into the internet where we found your web-site and this is what we needed since day one, and we are very happy." Diane F.S.
"I noticed an immediate difference in my hearing after using it. The sound of the shower was noticeably louder right away. I use it once a month and my husband has noted that I've stopped my annoying habit of saying "What?" because I didn't catch what he said." S. S.
"My husband and I have tried all the different products in the drug store, yet nothing worked. My husbands hearing was actually blocked in one ear. We found your product on the internet and decided to give it a try. It worked. At least once a month now, it is a must." Ann and Dave K.
"I bought it because I wear a hearing aid, which seems to cause wax to build up in my ear. The Master Blaster works better than other means of cleaning the ear." Jerry G.
"My girlfriend has had impacted ear wax for several months. Doctors did not do much for her. I ordered your removal kit last week and she used it yesterday. We are totally amazed at how well it worked. She even said that the shower sounded very loud. I thank you so much for helping her to hear again and to be rid of the annoying discomfort that she was suffering. I would have paid 1000 times the cost of your product just to be able to witness how good she felt when her ears started to get clean. You truly have an amazing product. I just wanted to let you know that you have made two people very happy and I thank you from the bottom of my heart." Max M.
"...Three years ago, I put-off buying the device and tried drops and a piddly-little bulb syringe for another temporary fix. This time, I had enough and tried the Master Blaster. I am a customer forever." Rob M.
"Your modified horse hypodermic did a first rate job of cleaning out my ears. I have only one complaint- the damned dawn chorus wakes me up too early in the morning. I never noticed it before." Richard N.
"I couldn't wait to get in the shower---and Yes after around 10 fills "Bingo" the wax landed on the shower tray. Many thanks." John M.
"I got 1/2 way through the first fill, and my ear unclogged. I didn't so much feel the wax leave but immediately noticed a change in sound from the 'blocked' muffled sound to a clear 'open' sound. I did not see any wax on the shower floor, probably due to the fact that it likely washed down the drain. The pressure on the eardrum that I was feeling was gone. Thank you." Joe D.
"We have used it successfully and my husband's first words were 'I have got my life back'." Francesca
"The results were quite unbelievable in that my hearing is now crystal clear (no more muffled conversations and no crackling sounds) and my ears are far more comfortable. On a less delicate topic, I was horrified at the amount of junk that actually came out of my ears and considering the amount that was in there, I'm amazed I could hear at all." Jeff F.
"One fill and my left ear was perfectly clear having been blocked for 6 days. Wished I had found it years ago and saved all that time sat about in health centres waiting for district nurses to turn up. I would have no hesitation recommending this to anyone." Richard W.
"After over 2 weeks of having a severe wax blockage in his ear, and my administering olive oil drops with no effect at all, my boyfriend cleared out his ear completely with about 5 refills of the Master Blaster the very first time he used it. He was also much happier using something himself, where he was in complete control of the amount of pressure he applied etc, rather than being at the mercy of the practice nurse having his ears syringed there. Many thanks!" Judith
"The results are obvious because I keep noticing sounds I had forgotten from the past - the slight squeak of floorboards, the sound when an object is placed on the table and so on. My piano now sounds loud and clear and I've had to turn the volume down drastically on my music player. Help! The phone just rang and frightened me out of my wits!" John P.
"Hi-hats and cymbals haven't sounded so good in ages. The best hi-fi upgrade and it works on live music!!" (name lost)
"Call me cynical, but I took the extravagant claims made for this ear syringe with a pinch of salt. But no, it's all completely true! I am delighted and amazed at how well it works. My ears are brilliant. I have been able to swim in a public pool for the first time in years. I can hear the cat purring, the clock ticking and everything people say to me. Thank you, it's absolutely brilliant." Tracey H.
"I received the Real McCoy this morning, within the next hour I could hear again! I had a shower as you instructed and used the device. After filling it 4 times my left ear was clear of wax. I couldn't believe the amount of wax on the shower floor. I then used it on my right ear. It took 6 fills before it cleared. I did not feel any discomfort whatsoever! I have been visiting my doctor for almost 50 years to have my ears syringed, but it was never so easy as using the Real McCoy." John J.
 "All I can say is WOW it sure works. My hearing in my left ear is wonderful. I couldn't believe the wax that came out. It looked like wet cardboard!!!! And the blockage cleared straight away." Coral
 "After years of using ear drops to no avail the gentle giant device cleared my ears of wax immediately." Paul B.
 "My husbands hearing is so much better since he used the Gentle Giant. He has been saying 'Pardon??' to me on a regular basis for about 2 years now. Last friday he complained to me in a coffee shop that people were scraping their chairs over the floor too loudly!!" Pat M.
 "I have been suffering with wax problems most of my life and I am 52 years old. I recently got concerned because I was getting crackling noises in my right ear no matter what kind of sounds I heard. It was very annoying. After about 5 tries in each ear with the Gentle Giant, the blockage came out of both ears and I feel great." Frank D.
"The worst ear took about 6 refills and the better one took only two. It went really fast, and my hearing is great. The beauty of it is I can stay on top of it. This has been a problem for me on and off for at least 10 years. Thanks so much for your help." Vicky S.

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