History Of EAR-CLEAR Syringes.

Here's our first design. It's the original Ear-Clear made from 1994-1997. It was an 80cc syringe with a hand-crafted safety nozzle. It worked well but needed a larger volume. This syringe would empty in a few seconds using steady firm pressure. Our larger 140 mL syringe empties in 10-11 seconds using steady firm pressure. Each safety nozzle was hand-crafted. There was no other design for assembly to start with. We made two nozzles for one nozzle to pass inspection. This safety nozzle was difficult to form. It was also made for the larger syringe until 2008.

1st version of safety ear nozzle on syringe. 1994-1996



Shown below is the "Master Blaster" (named by a customer). We made it for ten years (1998-2008). It was a 155mL catheter tipped syringe with a 'hand crafted' safety nozzle. The nozzle was fragile if dropped when filled with water. The larger syringe needed less refills. It wasn't meant to be dropped in the shower.

The "Master Blaster" is syringe earwax remover



Shown below is the "Gentle Giant" model. This was made from 2009 for a few years. It's a 5 oz. syringe with a Luer-Lock tip and nozzle. It has a new and durable ear safety nozzle. It still shouldn't be dropped. The ear nozzle is the strongest part of the device. This was the largest safety syringe available.

The "Gentle Giant II" is an ear wax remover.




This device was invented in 1994 by R. Brock and V. Thomas, M.D. The related background interests and experience of R. Brock was mechanical design, the need of earwax removal, and meeting Dr. Thomas. R. Brock made the device after consulting with Dr. Thomas. Several ear nozzle shapes and sizes were tested. They didn't work because they blocked the water drainage. After several months, this high volume safety nozzle worked without blocking the water drainage. This safety nozzle provided maximum water circulation without any ear pressure build-up.

Dr. Thomas was a medical doctor. His knowledge and experience in earwax removal made it possible to develop this device. Dr. Thomas was a hand surgeon when he was younger. When he was a senior citizen, he had a walk-in clinic in S. Florida. Among all the care and services he provided, he developed treatments for chronic pain relief using tissue proliferation. He was also a kind of doctor who would prescribe natural medicines for treatment, instead of drugs, whenever possible.






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