While taking a warm shower, pull out the piston and hold the big cylinder hole up close to the shower head.

When it's full and over-flowing with warm shower water, put the piston back in to trap the warm water.


  Hold ear syringe like this.        Ear nozzle before insertion in ear canal.          Ear nozzle fully inserted in ear canal.


1. Hold device like shown after filling with warm shower water.

2. Push the safety nozzle in your ear canal, all the way in.

3. Hold the nozzle fully inserted in your ear with one hand, then push the piston up with your other hand.


Don't inject softly. Inject with steady firm force (empty the full syringe in 10-11 seconds).

If your ears are packed with a lifetime of earwax build-up, you'll need about 10 refills per ear.

If your ears are not packed with a lifetime of earwax, you'll need less refills per ear.

The warm water softens and loosens the wax that's stuck on the hair, skin, and eardrum.

The rapid water circulation flushes it out. It feels gentle and refreshing.

Refill as needed, means exactly that. You'll know when your ears are clean.

When finished, pull out the piston and shake out the water, then put the piston back in.


Simple Device Care

**Important**  Don't let the parts dry separately. Let dry fully assembled.

 The piston and rubber seal must be kept inside cylinder when not in use.

Only Water, No Soap, Don't Drop, Don't Wipe Off Lubricant, No Bag


Caution:  Don't use if you have a ruptured eardrum or tympanostomy tube.

Don't use if your ears have burning, bleeding, pus discharge, or pain, without calling your doctor first.

Don't use on children. Don't use to remove sharp or pointed objects.



Questions and Answers

Q. How much warm water is needed to clean ears that are packed full with earwax?

A. Every person differs, removing a lifetime of impacted earwax needs about 5-15 refills per ear.

Q. How will I know when the earwax blockage is removed?

A. You'll feel it come out and you'll hear better.

Q. How often should I clean my ears?

A. After your initial cleaning, use it once a month (1x-2x) or when needed. 

Q. Is this device reusable?

A. Yes, it will last for years of use with simple care.

Q. Why use warm shower water only?

A. It prevents dizziness and softens your earwax.

Q. Will it remove a bug that crawled in my ear?

A. No. Hold a flashlight towards your ear and the bug will crawl towards the light.

Q. Can I use it if I have narrow ear canals?

A. Yes. Many customers used it and said they had narrow ear canals.




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