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You know when your ears need cleaning. You can feel when they're plugged up with wax and dirt. This is a top quality syringe with safety ear nozzle. It's been on the market for over 25 years. It's registered with the FDA and it's a Class 1 irrigation syringe. You will hear better and feel cleaner.

The ear safety nozzle works easily. When you insert the safety tip all the way into your ear canals, the safety shape stops the nozzle tip half-way to your eardrums. That's the most effective spot. The safety tip can't reach your eardrums. This earwax remover makes your ear canals and eardrums earwax free.

This is the easy-at-home solution for earwax removal. The ear syringe feels gentle and it's refreshing to use. The syringe provides a steady swift circulation of warm shower water. The ear syringe will last for years of use with simple care. It saves time and money on doctor's visits. This device is #1 in ear safety and ear cleaning performance. The nozzle shape prevents ear pressure build-up caused by blocked water drainage. No other device is like this.

Doctors agree that excess earwax is the major cause of hearing loss. Do you have trapped water after swimming or showering? Do you get swimmers ear? Excess earwax traps all the water. This earwax remover flushes out a lifetime of impacted earwax quickly. The safety nozzle size and shape provides the maximum water flow and unblocked water drainage.

It's best to use this earwax remover while taking a warm shower. You'll feel very comfortable. The warm water prevents dizziness and softens the earwax. The fast circulation is gentle and flushes it completely. There's no messy clean up and no added chemicals are needed. Your ears are flushed completely clean. All our products are top quality.



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 Hearing Aids, Headphones and Tinnitus

Hearing aids, headphones, earphones and ear plugs will cause more earwax to form after their use.

Do you get ear ringing or ear buzzing? That's tinnitus. It's also caused by excess earwax. It's often overlooked as the cause of the ringing and buzzing.

We've designed and made many earwax removal syringes with safety ear nozzles. Our customers are satisfied with effective products.

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