Size comparison of Ear-Clear next to 12 fl. oz. soda can.

Earwax Removal In Comfort

This earwax remover is still the best ever invented (can for size). Doctors use this same earwax removal method during an office visit. It's the easy at home solution for ear cleaning. This ear syringe feels gentle and refreshing to your ears. The large syringe and safety nozzle provide a steady, swift circulation of warm shower water. This ear syringe will last for years of use with simple care. Ear-Clear, Inc. is the leader in earwax remover design, safety features, and performance. No other device can compare to Ear-Clear. The safety nozzle stops the tip upon insertion, at the best position for ear irrigation. The nozzle shape prevents ear pressure build-up.

Excess earwax is the major cause of hearing loss in adults. This syringe removes a lifetime of impacted earwax in minutes. The safety nozzle size and shape will provide maximum water flow and unblocked water drainage. The safety nozzle tip only goes half-way to your eardrum, when fully inserted in your ear canal. The safety nozzle tip can't reach your eardrum.

This earwax remover uses warm shower water only. No peroxides or oils needed. The warm water circulation prevents dizziness and softens earwax. The swift water circulation flushes out your ear canals and cleans your eardrums. Hint: The warm shower water causes skin pores to open up.

 This earwax remover is the cost effective alternative to the repeated expense of doctor visits.
It's safe, gentle, effective, refreshing, and reuseable.


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Registered with US Dept. of Health and FDA

In 1997, the device became a Class 1 irrigation syringe. For OTC sales.


 Hearing Aids and Headphones

Customers tell us hearing aids and headphones cause twice the amount of earwax to form, compared to before they had hearing aids. This ear syringe lets you hear better and feel cleaner.




Why Buy Ear-Clear ?

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Other products don't supply the steady water force that's needed.

 All low price products called "earwax remover", just don't work.

The liquid peroxide drops products will make the condition worse.

The rubber squeeze bulb syringe lacks the volume and force needed.

The squirt bottles supply intermittent squirts without water force.





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